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MNG91218 PM Initiation & Planning Assessment 3: Project Planning

Use of a Project Management software: One of the aims of this Assessment is to familiarise students with utilising project management software/ information management system (PMIS). Students are required to generate and submit a resource-loaded project schedule and budget that is conformant with Project Management Institute (PMI) industry standards. Students who are experienced in MS Project can elect to use this software if they already have personal or business access. Other PMIS software such as Project Libre may be used. It is recommended that students gain access and familiarise themselves with their chosen software early in the unit so as to avoid delays due to technological challenges. Note that if students are able to access a Southern Cross University computer laboratory, MS Project is available as part of the Standard Operating Environment.


Students are required to create a small project scenario that will form the basis of this assessment. This scenario can be completely fictitious or it can be based on past or present experience. Ideally, the project should reflect the industry you are working in and your professional interests. To ensure students create a suitable scenario, the following constraints apply: Limitation Constraint Funding (To cover fixed – variable / direct – indirect costs) Up to $100,000 (direct salary, wage, contract costs) Up to $100,000 (direct equipment, plant, materials, other consumable costs) Up to $10,000 (indirect costs attributable to the project) Time 2 – 6 months duration from project start to finish Stages Project is restricted to one stage, which can have multiple phases. Work packages 3 – 7 primary work packages; 1 – 5 component work packages for each primary work package Activities 20 – 50 discrete activities / sub-activities. Work force 3-5 full-time project team members. 0-5 part-time or full-time external resources (contractors / subject matter experts (SME) / sponsor’s staff, etc.)

2 You also need to consider if the project you want to use for this assessment:

• Will successfully achieve a practical outcome in the “real world.” • Will not create an excessive workload that puts your assessment at risk. • Is comprehensive enough to satisfy each part of the assessment. Please contact the Student Learning Facilitator if: 1. You are unsure about any of these constraints or you are having difficulty in selecting an appropriate project for this assessment. 2. If your preferred project is likely to break any of the constraints listed above.

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