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The Unit MLL330, Health Law, has had a significant focus upon law reform in relation to a variety of health-related matters. We have seen examples of avenues and institutions through which law reform may occur and have engaged with resources that have demonstrated the process of law reform, and the engagement with various people and legal and policy considerations necessary to achieve such reform. With this in mind, your assignment is to: Work individually to write an in-depth research paper reflecting on one of the questions listed below that raises ethical, legal and/or social issues that require regulatory reform. You are expected to draw upon unit resources as well as to conduct wider research to critically analyse the issues, evaluate current legal (or other) responses to the issue, and to develop a sound argument for law reform.

1. Assisted reproduction may help people who could not otherwise have children do so. However, there are a number of ethical, legal and social issues raised by ART that require regulation. Critically examine an area of ART that raises contentious issues and may require law reform. Discuss why the issue is contentious, the issues raised, and what reform is required.

2. The law is a powerful tool that may serve to have positive and negative impacts upon public health. In today’s society non-communicable disease has fast become of major concern. Focus on one of the following matters that may lead to non-communicable disease, critically examine the role the law may play to help or hinder the public’s health, and discuss how the law may be reformed to enhance the public’s health:

a. Tobacco consumption

b. Alcohol consumption

c. Food consumption and/or lifestyle factors leading to obesity

d. Social determinants of health


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