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Identify the purpose of the selected telehealth or telemedicine

Utilizing information and feedback from this weeks discussion you will formulate a presentation regarding your findings for a telehealth platform that you find to be of most value and importance. Creating an engaging and interactive presentation is important in order to gain the interest of your patients and colleagues.


-Analyze current and emerging technologies to support safe practice environments and to optimize patient safety, cost-effectiveness and health outcomes.

-Evaluate standards related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ rights to privacy. -Critique the use of technology for virtual care delivery and monitoring systems -Evaluate data from all relevant sources as it affects practice environment. -Participate in evaluation of information systems in practice settings through policy and procedure development. *Tasks* -Identify and review a telehealth platform that you believe to be of major importance to nursing (may be from the discussions in module 4, but not from module 2).

-Create a 3-5 minute presentation utilizing a slide program. The program may be from PowerPoint, Prezi, Emaze, YouTube, or other similar platform (PLEASE USE POWERPOINT)!!!


1. Identify the purpose of the selected telehealth or telemedicine platform.

2. What is the clinical significance of this platform? 3. How does the technology improve quality?

4. How does the topic impact the workflow for clinicians?

5. Who is most affected by the technology?

6. What technology is required for use by the nurse and the patient?

7. What is the impact to patient quality and safety?

8. How does the topic affect costs and savings? 9. Who benefits the most from the platform?

10. The presentation must be between 3 and 5 minutes in length, include between 10-15 slides (if making a video, slides are not needed, and include some type of audio, video, or interactive component within the presentation (so not just place a link in the presentation, but embed the video or audio in the presentation).

11. Spelling and grammar, along with APA format, will be evaluated for this assignment. 12. Make sure to review the rubric to ensure you are creating your presentation correctly.

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