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MN5334 Assignment: Read the following articles and discuss how you

For the assignment, you must work individually and write an essay on ONE of the following topics. The upper word limit is 2,500 words (excluding references). Your essay must be submitted in accordance with the standard set by the School of Management.

1) Read the following articles and discuss how you will advise Chinese MNCs on staffing policies in the developed countries based on Huawei’s recent experiences?

Pomfret, J. and Koper, A. (2019) Huawei sacks employee arrested in Poland on spying charges. Reuters UK (13th Jan 2019) Available:

Essential readings:

Cooke, F.L., Wu, G., Zhou, J, Zhong, C, and Wang, J (2018) Acquiring global footprints: Internationalization strategy of Chinese multinational enterprises and human resource implications. Journal of Business Research, 93(4), 184-201.

Meyer, K. E. and Xin, K. R. (2018) Managing talent in emerging economy multinationals: integrating strategic management and human resource management. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(11), 1827-1855.

Wu, F., Lim, S. H. and Zhang Y. (2011) Dos and don’ts for Chinese companies investing in the United States: Lessons from Huawei and Haier. The Thunderbird International Business Review, 53(4), 501-515.

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