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Hannah’s Journey: Storyboard planning workbook.docx

Once you have your story you need to do the following:

Have a look at the 3 module learning outcomes (MLO) and identify the key themes that need to be covered to meet these outcomes and list below:









You are basically re-writing the learning outcomes into your own words, which should make it easier to explore the outcomes that need to be achieved for this module.


Then identify the key themes and issues that you would like to address from the story you have been told:

(Please note:  You are not going to be able to re-tell the whole of the story though you can include the original story as told as an appendix to your storyboard if you wish)

List 2/3 core themes/ issues below:







From here you can start planning your story board by answering the following questions:

From the core themes/issues of the story……… could you incorporate the key themes from the learning outcomes to explore the issues in greater depth and detail

What do you need to find out more about?


This will identify what reading and research you need to do. Please remember that your work needs to be referenced and evidence based as you would do in any other assignment!!

What are the key words that you will need to use for the database searches that you will need to do?





Which databases are you going to access

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