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Information System Digital Portfolio and Written Assignment

The portfolio will form a digital artefact in which to present your reports, reflections, evaluations, solutions to a range of scenarios and case study. Using a range of resources, this will provide evidence of theoretical practical and systemic understanding of Information’s Systems.

The portfolio will be a continually contributed to throughout the module and will provide formative (on-going) and summative (final assessed work) opportunities for feedback at many points throughout the module.

Portfolio assessment details:

Developing your IS Portfolio (100%)

Over the next three weeks of teaching you will be conducting a number of formative activities that will be uploaded into a digital portfolio.

Expected entries into the Portfolio will be:

Reflective One Minute papers (this will be either embedded media or a link to YouTube or Flickr)

What the Papers Say (critiques on 2 theoretical papers and 2 white papers)

Feedback from the Webcast/webinar or On-line interview activity

Links to news stories are welcome but these should be your own précis with short referenced quotes, and careful referencing should be adhered to throughout, along Harvard Referencing guidelines.

Posts should incorporate multimedia elements, and at least one post should include a video that you have designed and produced

Marks will be awarded for regular and continuous entries from Week 1 to the end of Week 3.

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