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Assessment Instructions – Foundations Essay Assessment


• Respond with a minimum of 300, maximum 450-word answer per question 

• Use the internet and/or attached sources

• Consider integrating these tools: – Convergent/Divergent/Convergent (C-D-C) Thinking Cycle – Thinking Framework (Environment, Problem, Approach) – Critical, creative, and ethical thinking types Essay Questions and Points for Consideration

1. NCO leadership took evolutionary leaps between 1775 to present. What were the three most important leaps, and why (give reason)? – This question assesses the evolution of the Enlisted Leader’s role – Consider the intellectual standards of critical thinking to clarify why they are most important

2. Between 1940 to present, what were the three most impactful environmental factors of any scope to SOF (i.e. policy, politics, authorities/funding, war, conflicts, etc.), and why (give reason)? – Assesses key events in the Special Operations Forces’ development – Builds upon PMESII analysis by choosing three environmental factors. Do not conduct a PMESII analysis; use it only as a starting point – Directly relates the environmental factors that impact(s) Special Operations

3. Consider the future SOF operational environment, and identify the most significant problem, and why (give reason)? – “Understand the OE (operational environment)” and “Identify the Problem” sections of the Profession of Arms Key Concept may help you recognize important considerations (i.e. higher guidance/direction, desired conditions of the future state, critical/creative/ethical thinking). Do not follow this model ‘lock step,’ but use it to check important elements – Consider additional factors influencing the OE authorities and funding, legal considerations, etc.

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