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Human Resource Management: Recruitment and Selection: Onboarding

HRM 4111 Assignment #6 – Creating an Onboarding Program (30%) This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR #1 – Link recruitment and selection theories and best practices within an organization to a recruitment and selection plan in both individual and team settings. CLR #2 – Build employee recruiting theories and strategies into the design of a recruitment strategy in both individual and team settings Objective of this Assignment: To create an onboarding program that is aligned with the organizational goals and the HR strategy of the organization.


Step 1: Develop an onboarding program, including an implementation and communication plan.

1. To complete this assignment, you will assume you are the HR leader for a financial services provider whose office is located in Toronto.

2. There are currently approximately 1000 employees employed and there are expansion plans on the horizon that are expected to result in an increase in staffing levels of 50% over the next two years. 3. One of your departmental goals this year is to develop an onboarding program to be launched and implemented by the end of the fiscal year (assume you have six months to develop and launch the program). 4. The overarching objective of the program is to integrate new employees into the organization through a comprehensive onboarding program that will result in new employees engaging with numerous employees in various departments across the organization to learn as much about the organization, and his or her specific job function, as quickly and efficiently, as possible. 5. Again, the purpose of the program is to embed new employees into the organizational culture and help them to become high performing employees in a shorter timeframe than was the case previously without an onboarding program. Step 2: The onboarding program will include (at a minimum) the following elements: 1. The goals of the program o What are the organization’s objectives? o How will the program align with the vision, mission and values of the organization? o How will it align with the organization’s learning culture? o How will it align with the HR strategy? 2. Program design o How will new employees be welcomed into the organization and begin the learning process even before the first day of employment? o Who will be the champions of this program and what will his or her accountabilities be? o What specific role will HR play in maintaining and supporting the program?

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