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Assignment #1: Nursing Theory

Part 1: After completing assigned readings, go to online libraries at: retrieve and read the following Journal Articles and complete the Activity described below. Jenkins, B., & Warren, N. (2012). Concept analysis: Compassion fatigue and effects upon critical care nurses. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, 35(4), 388–395. ( I WILL PROVIDE YOU THIS ONE, THE OTHER ONE YOU NEED TO LOOK IT UP) Russell, A. C. (2012). Moral distress in neuroscience nursing: An evolutionary concept analysis.

The Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 44(1), 15–26. Note that Jenkins and Warren (2012) and Russell (2012) use different methods for their concept analyses. Review both articles and answer these questions: a) What are similarities and differences in the steps reported for concept analysis? b) Which method appears to be the easiest to apply in the process of concept analysis? Why? c) Identify one specific concept for each of the following: practice, education and research. Explain how to use the concept in practice, education, and in research. d) Suggest a different concept that you would like to develop and briefly explain what process you would use. write a 1-2 page paper, single space, include group # ( our group number is number 7) and member names in the paper heading, names , Be sure to include citations and references.

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