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The objective of this task is to analyse the annual reports of two/three Australian-listed companies and provide an investment recommendation(s). The project also has the educational objectives of encouraging initiative, inquisitiveness and the development of basic financial statement analysis skills. Requirements This is a group task that is designed to build your research, analysis and business report writing skills. This project will require you to use online databases to search and obtain market wide information, company financial statements, financial media and annual reports. Each group is to analyse the companies allocated to the individual group members for assignment

1 – Event Study. If there are three group members, then the group report will compare, contrast and analyse all three companies. If there are only two group members, then the group report will compare, contrast and analyse just the two companies. You will also utilise the key business desk top analysis tool, “Excel”, to manipulate the data you obtain to calculate, analyse and produce graphical representations of the key information. You may like to refer to the course textbook by Horngren Accounting (8th Ed.), giving emphasis on the contents of Chapter 18 Financial Statement Analysis, to evaluate and put into context the information produced and released by the company.


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