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Leisure Mapping Essay

Description Length: 7 pages double-spaced + references page + time map + title page, 12pt Times New Roman, one inch margins all around, numbered pages (except title page and time map); thesis-based essay structure required, paragraphing required, no underlining or boldface, no direct quotations; research-based discussion and analysis expected, drawing on and elaborating themes and key ideas from the course; length limit strictly observed – your essay will not be read beyond the first seven pages and the grade will be based solely on these seven pages together with the references page and time map. Grading criteria: Clear, effective time map; clear, insightful analysis of time map in terms of ideas and themes of the course using research sources; correct APA in-text citations and references page; correct number and types of research sources; effective organization of information; correct essay structure; grammar, spelling, vocabulary and format. Instructions: 1) Create a time map of your daily activities over the course of a typical week in your life. To create the time map, divide each day of the week into twenty-four one-hour units. Record what you do in each of the hourly units. This will produce an hour-by-hour record of what you did on each day of the week. The format of your time map is left open, but it must have your name on it and be neat, legible and word-processed on 8.5 x 11” sheets of paper (same size as the essay) using 12pt Times New Roman. 2) Write a seven-page essay in which you exercise your sociological imagination to critically analyse your time map, paying particular attention to time for leisure and recreation (broadly defined). Your essay should draw on information from your research sources (see step 3 below) to help you describe and critically discuss the activities that make up your leisure and recreation. Critical discussion will involve identifying dominant sociocultural factors (e.g. social, political, economic, cultural, environmental) that facilitate and/or constrain your leisure and recreation. If you are unfamiliar with how to organize an essay, consult the chapter on essays in your Critical Skills Manual that came as part of your course kit. 3) Conduct research to locate six academic sources (two books published no earlier than 2010, two academic journal articles published no earlier than 2010, and two government sources) that help you to critically discuss your time map (see step 2 above). Loosely paraphrase relevant information from your sources (no direct quotations or close paraphrase allowed) and provide APA in-text citations for the paraphrased information. Provide full bibliographic details for your six sources in an APA references list at the end of the essay. The references list must begin on page eight and not exceed one page double-spaced. If you are unsure about how to conduct research or unsure about how to do APA in-text citations and references, consult the chapters on research skills and APA citations and references in your Critical Skills Manual. 4) Create a title page (see template in the Course Outline). Put it at the front of the essay, your time map at the back of the essay and staple the whole in the top left corner (no paperclips, bull clips, folders or scrunched up corners allowed). Hand in at lecture on the due date. Also submit an electronic copy of your essay (omitting the time map) to Turnitin

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