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Mission Mystique

Module 2’s readings focused on Strategic Management and Planning with Accountability and Performance. Readings by Campbell & Haley along with Bell, Masaoka and Zimmerman’s work centered on planning and sustainability of nonprofits. For some time now an active debate has existed in the literature in reference to the size and function of government in society, limited government and privatization, and the role of nonprofits as the third sector. In Goodsell’s reading this week, we read about his concept of “Mission Mystique”. The question is does the ideal of Mission Mystique fit in today’s public sector environment given the polarization and frequent changes in leadership, or are the ideals better suited for nonprofit and private sector organizations? Also provide an example of a public organization, which has successfully transitions into an institution embodying Goodsell’s “Mission Mystique”. Provide details of your example organization’s evolution from an organization into a Mission Mystique institution.

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