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The paper shall include the following sections: – Table of Contents – Abstract – Introduction – Literature review literature review section should have two to four quotes or brief summaries of what other researchers said about the topic you are researching, and your own comments on these quotes. – Significance of Research why the topic is important and worthy of being researched, and why other researchers should be interested in reading about it. – Research Question state the problem(s) you are going to research.

– Research Methodology Your methodology section should include description of how you will conduct your research, what tools you will use and how these tools will help you answer your research question(s). – Limitations of the study limitations of the study section should include any factors that may limit your research. For example factors of time, place and sample size… etc. – Expected Results (Body) Here you try to predict what results will come out of your research after you complete it. – References Please note grading the paper will depend on the following: A) Complete abstract and a good introduction with a clear thesis statement. B) Brief review of previously published literature on the topic being researched (at least two previous studies). C) Clearly stated research question, and overview of the research’s significance. D) Detailed research methodology that includes the tools to be used in the study, and how the collected data will be gathered and analyzed. E) An overview of the limitations and the expected results of the study. F) Use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. G) Complete table of contents and a well-organized list of references used in the study.

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