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Question 3: As you can see from the attached document,


Question 3:

As you can see from the attached document, question 3 concerns non-seasonally adjusted data adjusted for inflation, and an equation used to estimate

1) Autocorrelations

2) adding seasonal lag of sales growth to interpret the coefficients in the model

3)Retail sales growing at a certain rate per month and involving the model to estimate a growth rate in the current month

Question 4:

This question is about predicting sales for Johnson & Johnson for the first quarter of 1985, and involves

1) Using the regression output in the above table, determine whether the estimates for b0 and b1 are valid.

2) If this model is mis-specified, describe the steps we should take to determine the appropriate autoregressive time-series model for these data.

Requirements: As detailed as possible with explanations perhaps on a separate document on how you got your

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