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Pick a German artist or architect, or a German work


Pick a German artist or architect, or a German work of art or architecture, and do a bit of research. (Certainly, musicians are “artists” too, but we will devote an entire discussion to them alone and their works in a couple weeks so let’s focus here just on art and architecture.) Then, share your research in your own words with me and your peers. First, let us know what you have decided to focus on and what inspired you personally to make this choice of topic. Next, discuss at least three reasons, supported by your research, why your chosen artist or architect, or German work of art or architecture is important. Wrap up your post with a simple reflection on what you consider to be the most important cultural aspect of your topic. Please include images, sounds, and/or videos to illustrate your presentation. Be sure to INSERT and NOT attach the images, sounds, and/or videos. Cite and fully reference sources, including images, with the Author, Title & Date, include links, and put quotes around direct quotes that you borrow. Images also require copyright permission if they are not Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain. For all your German and other foreign language references and citations, you should be using the MLA Style format.

Read your peers´ posts to enrich your understanding of the German-speaking world, past and present. Respond to your peers by engaging them in a discussion of their chosen artists and architects, and their works.

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