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You have been referred the case of Carla Washburn, a

 You have been referred the case of Carla Washburn, a 74-year-old woman, whose sister has called your agency on her behalf. Widowed twenty years ago, Ms. Washburn recently lost her 25-year-old grandson, whom she raised from childhood. Recently, she fell off a ladder at home and has been in great pain ever since. She refuses to see a doctor. As you delve into the case, you will see many levels to this problem. Can you help her?Visit to review the information on the case and respond to the questions in the post.Be sure to review the posts of other students and respond to at least 2 other students. Your responses must reflect critical thinking and engagement in the content. Ask thoughtful questions and leave comments about your agreement or different viewpoint. 
Discussion Post 3 (Assess) After reading the client’s history, concerns, and goals you should have several thoughts about the complexities of this case. Answer these questions using 2-3 sentences. For questions that ask about research evidence you must cite your source in APA format.Visit the Biopsychosocial Perspectives page to answer the following questions. You’ll need to find and review research articles, your textbooks, and other reputable sources to answer these well:Biological Lens

  1. What does the literature say about the correlation between race (specifically being African-American) and onset of diabetes?
  2. What are some of the hypotheses that researchers have put forward to explain this correlation? To answer these questions you will need to identify 1-2 research articles that discuss the relationship between race and diabetes. Be sure to cite your sources correctly).

Psychological lens:

  1. Ms. Washburn lost her husband within months of losing her son and his wife, and Roland Jr. moving in with her. What are the implications of these losses and life changes piling up one on top of the other so quickly?

Social Lens:

  1. What social supports can be put in place for Ms. Washburn, as she struggles with her depression over the loss of her grandson?

Spiritual Lens:

  1. How has the church functioned historically in the African-American community? *Reference one research article to support your point.
  2. What are the barriers between the church and Ms. Washburn that make its usefulness as a resource difficult for her?


  1. Based on your assessment what do you think Ms. Washburn’s top goals would be?
  2. Write one SMART objective that aligns with the top goal. (be sure to have watched the goal planning workshop video)

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