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Step 1. Read the NKBA Kitchen and Bath Guidelines and

 Step 1. Read the NKBA Kitchen and Bath Guidelines and review the lecture from

2. Measure and analyze your OWN Kitchen and one of your Bathrooms and
determine if your space meets the NKBA planning guidelines

3. Create a Power Point report and make comments of 10 findings of your
spaces (((((5 for kitchen and 5 for bath))))) with comparison to the NKBA
guidelines. This should be designed as “stating the guideline” and then a
paragraph of your “findings”. Try to identify the difference between your
spaces and the NKBA guidelines.

4. Take photos of your findings of your Kitchen and Bathroom and include these
in your report/presentation.

• You may present your critique in bullet or outline format.
• Remember, presentation is important! You must include your images in your
• The assignment must be in a power point format!
• Please include a cover slide with your name, the assignment, and class and due

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