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The purpose of this course is to learn about the


The purpose of this course is to learn about the history of women in leadership and to focus on multiple areas of leadership in which women have had an influence.   This paper is an opportunity to choose a woman who is well-known in her field or profession and write about her using the prompts below.    Here is a list of women to choose from or you can email me a woman you would like to write about for my approval.  This should be someone you can research, not someone you may know personally.   Here are some suggestions:

Kamala Harris; Stacy Abrams; Sheryl Sandberg; Madeline Albright; Brenda Berkman; Katanji Brown Jackson; Ruth Bader Ginsberg; Belle DeCosta Greene; Amanda Gorman; Meghan Rapino; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Ibtihaj Muhammad; Dr Christine Blasey Ford

Your paper should be two pages and include all the following points for full credit:

  1. Background and education – 10 pts
  2. Career Path – 10 pts
  3. What made this woman famous and why – 10 pts
  4. Select a quote from this woman, site the quote and explain why this is meaningful to you – 10 pts
  5. What have you learned through your research of this woman that you can apply in your own life? – 10 pts
  6. Wow Factor – All five points covered thoroughly as well as a well written paper with correct grammar and spelling. – 10 pts

You may use any sources you want for research.  Remember that you cannot copy directly from any source except for the quote.  The paper needs to be a minimum of two pages and in your own words.  List the websites or other sources used at the bottom of your paper.

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