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This week, you will be preparing your “Speaking to Inform”


This week, you will be preparing your “Speaking to Inform” speech and video. You also learned about “Delivery” and “Using Visual Aids”. As you watch the following videos, look at how the speakers use visual aids and their voice to convey their message effectively and connect with the audience. You will also see note other techniques you learned throughout the semester about public speaking.

After watching the videos, please comment/answer the following:

1) What did you think of the speeches?

2) What did you think of the manner in which the speakers delivery? their use of visual aids?

3) What did you think of the content of the speeches?

Be sure to post your comments and reply to two of your classmates



The first video, ” you are contagious” by Vanessa Van Edwards, discusses body language and how it affects one’s speech. Using body language attracts you audience’s attention. Vanessa states our emotions are contagious, meaning you can make the audience feel the way you do by the way you project your speech. Showing emotion during your speech, will make most of your audience feel the sadness, happiness, fear you express during your speech. You body language is what most of the audience will focus on more than your eyes, lips, facial expressions, etc.

In the second video, “Increase your self – awareness with one simple fix” by Tasha Eurich, talks about how to become more self aware about your thoughts, feeling and behaviors to grow ourselves, all by making three life adjustments being: Deciding to learn the truth, getting more feedback, and Asking what you can do to make a change in every situation. Being self aware means knowing who are, your values, goals, personality, strengths and weaknesses and understanding how others may perceive you.

Both presentation were great and most importantly easy to understand with the use of their visual aids. After watching the videos I see how the voice and body language of he speaker has a great importance when delivering their speech. Very informative.

2. This Ted talk is originally about hands and intentions. She specifically researched ted talkers and what made them viral. She expressed that the common anomaly was the hand gestures.

How they underline their concepts with their words and how hand gestures indicate more than a speaker’s actual words. Then she talked about her real study of emotions. Explaining how people were researched and done experiments to find out how it is emotions are contagious. The point of her speech is to portray the right emotions so that people can respond the right way. She explains how basically people react to your emotions and actions, for example, if you see someone scared expressing a type of fear or anxiety chances are you will catch those 

emotions and feel fear and anxiety too. We can even catch it from our own selves, like she explained an example would be your own smile. You smile with genuine intentions and you immediately feel better or happier. She also explained how the audio has the same effect on our emotions and connotations. Depending on how we sound is how most likely we will perceive the person and the emotions felt toward the person also discussed how dopamine has a lasting effect on people when activated in conversation. 

Tasha Eurich began explaining how self-awareness can help us succeed. She explained that finding self-awareness is the ability to see ourselves how we portray ourselves and how the world sees us. She explained how people who are self-aware are more profitable, successful, happier, etc. explaining Most people lie to themselves about actually being self-aware. Expressing how rare it is that you would encounter a person who is fully completely aware of themselves. Those who try to find the meaning of why they feel a type of way is known to be worse in the long run. Because they refuse to move on and continue with life.

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