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Drive-thru Fast-Food Systems Do research on at least 5 drive-thru

 Drive-thru Fast-Food Systems

Do research on at least 5 drive-thru fast-food restaurants whose mission is similar but whose processes differ in some way (i.e., one restaurant may specialize in drive-thru and have limited inside dining while another restaurant may specialize in large inside dining and limited drive-thru; one may specialize in self-service kiosks while another has limited or no self-service kiosks). Examples might include: Chic-fil-a, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Burger King, Long John’s Silvers, Captain D’s, Popeyes, etc. Again, these are to be fast-food restaurants with a drive-thru option.

Identify the systems and processes that are used by the restaurants you researched, with special emphasis on where automated systems are used as well as when they are not used (i.e., the process typically starts when the customer enters the drive-thru lane or enters the restaurant lobby; what happens before the clerk takes the order; what happens while the clerk takes the order; is an automated system used; how is the order confirmed; what happens just after the clerk confirms the order; etc.). There should be a limited number of systems, each of which may have multiple processes.

Some examples of systems might include:

➢ Communication Management

➢ Customer Feedback & Satisfaction Management ➢ Customer Service Management

➢ Delivery Management

➢ Employee Management

➢ Inventory Management

➢ Kitchen/Menu Management

➢ Order Management

➢ Marketing Management

➢ Operations and Site Maintenance Management ➢ Payment Management

➢ Quality Management

➢ Rewards & Loyalty Management

➢ Reporting/Analytics

➢ Safety and Sanitation Management

Some examples of processes for two of these systems might include:

➢ Order Management System

➢ At counter ➢ Kiosk

➢ Mobile

➢ Delivery Management System ➢ Over-counter

➢ At-window

➢ Curbside

➢ Home delivery

This project has three parts.

1.0 Using the 5 restaurants researched, document at least 40 unique requirements (total) for the Systems and Processes. A draft list of requirements must be submitted at the end of the first day of class and must be updated and included in the written paper due on the last day of class.

➢ A Requirement is a short, focused, statement that states what the system “must”,

“should” or “can”.

➢ A Requirement is NOT a specification that identifies the exact hardware, software or

service provided (PMI, 2021). Part of this paper is about the Requirement (pre-design)

and not about the exact products that are available.

➢ Sort your requirement list by the system so that requirements are grouped together.

2.0 Propose a hybrid restaurant based on the 5 restaurants you researched and the Requirements that it should possess. This hybrid restaurant and the updated requirements for this hybrid restaurant will be included in the written paper due on the last day of class.

3.0 Write a 10-page Word document, double-spaced, detailing the 5 restaurants and their Systems and Processes as well as the Hybrid restaurant and its Systems and Processes. The cover page and reference page are not included in the 10-page requirement. Do not include an abstract.

Research must include professional sources but can also include YouTube videos on the Processes and Systems chosen. The URL of the source must be included in the Reference.

Your paper must include multiple topic sections/paragraphs, each with a specific focus as defined below. Make sure your paper flows logically. In your paper, provide the following:

1. An Introduction paragraph that summarizes the project details, identifies the 5 Restaurants, the Systems chosen, and any other important information the reader will need to know before reading the rest of the paper.

2. Six major sections that summarize and analyze your research of each of the 5 restaurants and their systems and processes, as well as the Hybrid restaurant and its systems and processes. Each major section must include an appropriate section Heading, with the name of the restaurant in the heading. Cite all sources and if you copy source material, enclose it in double-quotes. Questions your research might answer include (do not copy and paste these questions – just use them as a

guide in developing your content):

a. What is the process / systems / sub-systems purpose?

b. What operations does it performs?

c. What are its inputs (resources, interfaces, when used)?

d. What are its outputs (interfaces, data)?

e. How does the technology integrate within the system?

f. How important is the technology to the system?

g. The system’s complexity, cost, and feasibility.

h. Any constraints or risks found during the research.

i. How the various technologies integrate to accomplish the system goals.

2. Conclude your paper with a Findings section that summarizes the important areas of your

research. The Findings sections serves as the conclusion.

You must include at least 7 references with citations. Not all references need to be scholarly and can include videos, websites, blogs, etc.

Example of Requirements

Requirements (for this example, “must” implies highest priority; “should” implies medium priority; and “can” implies lowest priority)

➢ The Order Management System must provide at-counter, Kiosk and mobile processes. ➢ The Delivery Management System must provide over-counter and at-window processes. ➢ The Delivery Management System should provide a curbside process.

➢ The Delivery Management System can have a home delivery process.

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