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t probably feels like we just started our learning in

t probably feels like we just started our learning in this class, but this week we’re going to begin planning for our final p. To begin, start thinking about a topic for our final. You learned about persuasive writing during this week’s lecture – and we’ll get into more details about the  in the coming weeks – but for now, let’s focus on two areas:

Select a topic for this about which you are passionate. Click on the link for a list of approved topics.

List of Approved Topics

Locate five sources that will be helpful in the research of your final p. You’re going to submit these sources in the form of an annotated bibliography. “Annotation” is another word for “notes.” Using APA formatting, write the name of the source. Directly below the source, write an annotation of approximately 100-125 words. In the following links you will find some examples of annotated bibliographies.

Here are some resources for an annotated bibliography:

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