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Topic: QFD- A core tool for product development In Q2

Topic: QFD- A core tool for product development

In Q2 you were able to access the Marketplace Microsimulation – Product Design. This microsimulation concentrated on product design using a technique call Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and provided a good introduction on customer requirements, and product benefits. In Q2 one of the decisions that you and your team will need to make is to design one or two brands to appeal to each target segment. For this discussion question we will delve a bit deeper into the importance of understanding how the QFD can be helpful in decision making.

For this Discussion, you will:

Main Response

  • Present a summary of the research you have conducted on QFD. Use your readings/videos from this week plus at least two other scholarly sources. Include in your summary
    • Why completing a QFD is critical to decision making
    • The importance of defining positive and negative correlations in the data analysis
    • Best practices in collecting customer requirements, which form the foundation of the QFD
  • Create a QFD using a personal example of a decision that you are going to be making. You can use the model from the simulation, information from the readings, the YouTube video, or another source you uncover in your research.
  • Provide detail on how you determined customer needs for the QFD, and how you completed your ratings. Also include information on how you determined the strength of the correlations.
  • Seek feedback from your peers on areas that you would like to see strengthened in your approach.
  • Provide the QFD work you completed as part of the initial response. You may either paste this information into the Discussion area or create an attachment (i.e., Word doc or PowerPoint presentation). If you need help, the university tech support team can help you.

Access all required readings (articles, videos, etc.) from the Library.

Return to Unit 2 Discussion Instructions


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