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Approaches To Diversity Training Women and minorities now account for

Approaches To Diversity Training

Women and minorities now account for a significant portion of today’s workforce. As a result of these changes and the continued trend toward diversity, businesses are finding that they need to be trained in effective methods of managing individuals from diverse backgrounds. To meet this need, diversity training has been instituted in organizations across the United States and throughout the world. Among other reasons, diversity training is intended to reduce workplace discrimination, increase diversity awareness, and understand and build community among employees from different backgrounds. 

Submit  1500-2000 wrds that evaluates the various approaches scholars, organizations, institutions and governments take regarding diversity training.

Please include:

  • The rationale for instituting diversity training programs.
  • A comparison of three or four different approaches about diversity offered by scholars and practitioners.
  • Identify which approach you feel is most effective and justify your selection.
  • Predict the direction you see diversity training heading in the near future.

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