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Week 14 185-237 identify what portion of the reading you

Week 14 185-237

identify what portion of the reading you thought was particularly important/interesting. Describe why this portion of the reading important and what should be learned from it. Identify any sociological concepts that this portion of the reading displays and how it displays them. Then write one good discussion question question about this week’s reading material. In your replies to peers you should answer the discussion questions that your peers have asked. There are some important things to keep in mind when developing a good discussion question. These questions should not be answered by looking up a couple facts in the book. We want to try to go beyond just remembering statistics or vocab words. A good question does not have one set answer, but requires students to understand the general ideas proported by the reading, reflect them onto the question, and reach a personal response. Some ideas for discussion questions could include comparing and contrasting, having people apply what they have learned to other places or situations, ask about one of the concepts you thought was present, or relating this material to other things the class has read. A good discussion question does not have only one answer, or perhaps in has no answer at all. This is what should spark discussion.

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